Hi, I’m Sarah and for as long as I can remember I’ve had a passion for pets and fashion.  Here on the Best Dog Strollers review site I’m thrilled that I get to combine these two loves by showcasing the most adorable and fashionable dog buggies – must have travel accessories for our furry friends!

As a kid growing up in a semi-rural environment I was always surrounded by pets.  We had animals of every description including dogs, cats, chickens, ducks, budgies, guinea pigs, fish and hermit crabs.  I’m sure it drove my dad crazy between the pet hair and the funky animal smells but I just loved having my fur babies by my side.  Not much has changed – today I don’t know how I’d survive if I didn’t have Frankie, my furbilicious French bulldog around to share cuddles and pats through the day.

Best Dog Strollers For Caring Pet Owners

Best Dog Strollers was born when Frankie accidentally injured his knee joint while chasing a ball.  The damage to his ligaments took weeks to mend and I could tell by his sad puppy dog eyes that he was missing his daily walks with me.  That’s when I started looking into mobility options and decided to go with an animal stroller.  At first I wasn’t sure if Frankie would appreciate the experience, but from the very first moment I popped him into our dog running stroller he seemed to love it.  Some days he would be practically begging me to put him in there!  I’m pleased to say that my boy made a full recovery and yes we still go for walks in the dog stroller, but now I’m grateful to be able to educate other caring dog owners who need help with mobility.


In doing my continuing product research I’ve found that there are plenty of substandard products on the market and many pitfalls that you need to be aware of.  So if you’ve never owned a dog stroller before you might want to check out my Pet Stroller Buyer’s Guide.  It’s filled with hints and tips (so that unlike me you don’t have to find things out the hard way) and I suspect you’ll find the insider information very helpful when it comes to purchasing your first pet pram.  On the other hand, if you’re in a hurry and just want me to give you the bottom line on which dog strollers and dog carriages represent the best value then I recommend you scroll straight down to the links below and  check out my top 10 review pages.

I hope you find some value in what Frankie and I have put together.   If there’s any products you especially think I should review then I’d love to hear from you.  Please feel free to get in touch via our contact us page.


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